Current ownership: SENASA (Spanish public trading company dedicated to Services and Studies for Air Navigation and Aeronautical Safety)


Auction with sealed bid submission and subsequent online auction among the highest bids.


Ocaña, Toledo:  See map >>

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The operation of the Ocaña airfield dates back to 1962, when its runways were reconditioned. Since then, more than 200,000 flights have taken off from the airfield.

Through the years, general and sport aviation activities have taken place in the airfield: flight school, base maintenance, tourist flights, aerial work operations, hot air balloon flights, parachuting or technological developments, among others, have been carried out.

Its dimensions and facilities make this airfield an excellent opportunity to continue with the exploitation of different activities related to aviation (hangars, buildings, workshops, warehouses…): pilot schools, aircraft testing, filming and audiovisual production of commercials and films, events, museums…


Real estate information

  1. Cadastral area: 379.266 m2
  2. Constructed area: 74.249 m2
  3. Potential developable area: 5%
  4. Current situation: 2,5% construido.
  5. Rural land.
  6. Main agricultural use.
  7. Main building: 3 419m2 destined to a residence with three floors and 43 rooms, classrooms, offices, bar (capacity 70 people) and restaurant (capacity 140 people).
  8. Warehouses: 
    -Warehouse 1: 1.600m2 current use hangar and office.

    -Warehouse 2: 1 600m2 current use hangar and office and toilets..
    -Warehouse 3: 1 871m2 on two floors. Ground floor for aircraft maintenance, workshops, warehouses and changing rooms (1 759m2) and first floor (112m2)for classroom and offices.

    -Warehouse 4: 380m2 destined for storage.

    -Warehouse 5: fiber and paint workshop 400m2 on one floor.

    -Warehouse 6: 32m2 storage area.
    -Warehouse 7: 500m2 destined to the training of the Parachuting School. This building is not owned by SENASA. Its inclusion is not confirmed at the time of awarding.
    -Warehouse 8: current use as a school.
  9. Transformation center of 80m2.
  10. Two wells for water supply.
  11. 3 000m2 rest area with swimming pool, playground and gardens.
  12. Fuel installation.
  13. Meteorological hut that provides service to the Spanish Meteorological Agency (AEMET). This building is not owned by SENASA. Its inclusion is not confirmed at the time of awarding.
  14. Two parking areas. One attached to the residential building (550m2) and the other to the warehouses (280m2)..

Aeronautical information

  • Two crossed runways, with the following features:

    – Runway 11-29, with a total length of 1,280 m. Of the total width of 100 m., the central 20 m. are asphalted, being the rest compacted natural terrain.

    – Runway 17-35, with a total length of approximately 700m and a width of 100m, all of which is compacted natural terrain.

  • Aircraft parking apron of 23.400m2.
  • Classification: Restricted airfield for public use, uncontrolled (flight school activities, base maintenance, flight schools or tourist flights, etc. Its use is limited to authorized people by its manager, who can offer its services to any user).
  • Reference key: 2B. (airfield whose runway may be between 800 m and 1200 m, and designed according to aircraft size/span between 15 m and 24 m).

    Airspace in “protected” conditions for the operation of general and sport aviation activity according to area “LED-52” (Delta 52) in its sectors A (the one on the vertical of the airfield and collects it), B and C (adjacent to the previous sector).

    These airspaces “protect” especially the operation of gliders, aerobatic exercises and parachuting from sunrise to sunset from other commercial activities.

    Currently there are no radio aids to air navigation, which means that its activity is adjusted to daytime visual flight rules (VFR).

  • The airfield has approved aeronautical easements, according to Decree 2128/1967 and RD 2290/1986, which protect it from nearby construction in the event of any possible effect on the aeronautical operations.
  • The orography of the surroundings is a plain suitable for flight activities with and without engine, very
suitable for flight training.

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Key dates

Submission of bids in sealed envelopes.

Start date: November 29th, 2021
End date: February 4th, 2022

Date of opening of envelopes:

February 10th, 2022

Online auction among the three highest bids

Start date: February 14th, 2022
End date: February 17th, 2022


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